I am a Lionhead rabbit breeder and small online business owner AMA.

Desiree Fisher
May 14, 2017

I have been a rabbit owner for just over 7 years. My business goal is to promote responsible pet ownership through education and communication. You can check out my website here www.happymanesrabbitry.com

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In order to be responsible pet owners, people need to be educated on their pet

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I have owned rabbits for many years and I own a rabbit based business

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Thank you all for your wonderful questions! I definitely enjoyed sharing my knowledge with you and I hope that I have inspired some of you to become responsible bunny owners. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me on my website. 

May 14, 10:00PM EDT1

And thanks for the informative AMA!

May 15, 8:02PM EDT1

You are most welcome! I had a lot of fun!

May 15, 8:17PM EDT1

Is this a "Family" venture or just you doing it all?

May 14, 2:25PM EDT1

At this point, it is just me and my boyfriend doing the legwork. Though I have been getting lots of advice from social media and my friends.

May 14, 8:01PM EDT1
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Do you fall in love with your bunnies sometimes?

May 14, 1:12PM EDT1

I love all of my bunnies! It is a little difficult on adoption day to see them go but the fact that I trust where they're going does make it easier.

May 14, 8:02PM EDT1
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Have you displayed your rabbits in any local competitions?

May 14, 11:57AM EDT0

None of my rabbits are pedigreeable yet and that is required to show. They need to have 3 generations of documented lineage. I am hoping to have a pedigreed bunny or two by the end of the year though.

May 14, 8:05PM EDT1
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What do you think about the people who get carried away and start to hoard animals?

May 14, 11:49AM EDT1

As an RN, I can say that hoarding of any sort a diagnosable disease requiring skilled treatment. Usually there is some sort of underlying trauma, but with the right treatment and a strong support system, they can be rehabilitated.

May 14, 8:12PM EDT1

How much space is required to run a business like yours?

May 14, 11:09AM EDT0

Rabbits do not take up a lot of room. Each of mine are housed in a 30" x 36" stackable cage. I live in a small 2 bedroom house and I house my bunnies in the extra room. With 5 bunnies and up to 9 babies, this seems to work fine.

May 14, 8:16PM EDT1

Why did you choose rabbits?

May 14, 10:30AM EDT1

7 years ago, I was living in a place where dogs weren't allowed and my ex was allerigic to cats. I wanted a pet that I could interact with. Once I chose a bunny, I immediately fell in love with them and now I would like to share my passion with others.

May 14, 8:19PM EDT1

How many do you sell a year?

May 14, 7:39AM EDT1

It depends on each bunny. I have 3 breeding does right now and each doe can have 6-9 babies per year.

May 14, 8:25PM EDT1
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What kind of health issues may they face in their life?

May 14, 3:49AM EDT1

The most common health issues are respiratory or GI (intestinal) related. I have a bunny right now who has allergies. He needs a hepa air purifier and special litter.

May 14, 8:28PM EDT0

Can you share some general tips on how to care for them?

May 14, 3:28AM EDT1

For the most part, bunnies are super easy. They need constant access to fresh water and Timothy hay. They also need food pellets that are at least 15% protein. The majority of their diet should be the Timothy hay and fresh, leafy green veggies such as romaine lettuce. They should also be allowed at least 4 hours a day to roam outside of their cage unless they are free roaming which is better.

May 14, 8:31PM EDT0

Are there any special categories of lion heads that are rare and in high demand, like colours, or a mix or?

May 14, 3:20AM EDT1

The most common colors are black, chocolate, and white. The more rare colors are tortoise or torti, and lilac. These are usually in high demand. You can also get other colors such as sable (grey), and points which look like little Siamese cats.

May 14, 8:38PM EDT0

How many bunnies you have that aren't for sale?

May 14, 12:10AM EDT0

I currently have 3 breeding females and 2 males. I also have two other neutered bunnies that are not lionheads and just pets.

May 14, 8:39PM EDT0

How long do lionhead rabbits live for?

May 13, 10:28PM EDT1

The average is 8-10 years, but I've heard of them surviving well into their teens when well cared for.

May 14, 8:40PM EDT1
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If I get one and it get sick, what kind of vet would you take it to?

May 13, 8:52PM EDT1

Any vet who deals with small or exotic animals, should be able to treat bunnies. If your local vet can't help, you can go to the House Rabbit Society website for a list of bunny vets in your area. rabbit.org/vet-listings/

May 14, 8:44PM EDT1
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Can they roam freely in the house? Are they hard to catch?

May 13, 8:09PM EDT1

They most certainly can and they love it! They can be litter trained, just like a cat. Just make sure to bunny proof your house. They like electrical cords!

If your bunny feels safe in it's environment and trusts you, they aren't very difficult to catch. But they are fast!

May 14, 8:46PM EDT0

Do you support any charitable organization as part of your business?

May 13, 8:01PM EDT1

Since I just started my actual business this year, I do not. But, I have been seriously looking into it.

May 14, 8:48PM EDT1
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Do you have some owner stories to share, how are they making peoples life better and happier?

May 13, 7:08PM EDT1

One of the most memorable stories I have is of my first rabbit, Patches. I had a container of bunny treats on a shelf thinking they where safely out of his reach. I was sitting in my living room, when I heard a small this and then silence. Thinking this odd, I went to investigate. I found Patches in the bedroom hallway with the treat container securely in his mouth. Apparently, he had decided that he could hoard the treats in the bedroom without me noticing. At this point, I couldn't even get angry with him because I was just so impressed with his ingenuity! 

May 14, 8:53PM EDT0

How did you get into that line of business?

May 13, 5:59PM EDT1

Since obtaining my first bunny 7 years ago, I fell in love with them! I have always loved Lionheads and after learning what a unique and fascinating breed they are, I wanted to share help share the breed with others.

May 14, 8:57PM EDT0

Do lionheads make good pets?

May 13, 5:39PM EDT1

Though they require a little more maintenance than other breeds, they make excellent pets! They tend to be more laid back than other breeds. Rabbits on the whole are easier to care for than some other pets such as dogs or cats, but they can be just as friendly and entertaining!

May 14, 9:00PM EDT0

At what age do you sell them and how many do you have available at any given time?

May 13, 5:25PM EDT1

My baby bunnies become available at 4 months of age. The recommendation is 3 months, as they are weaned from their mother at 5-6 weeks. However, I feel that a longer transition period is essential for a healthy and well adjusted bunny. 

As far as how many I have at any given time, I currently have 3 breeding females and each usually has between 2 and 4 kits per litter. This means that I could have anywhere from 2 to 12 babies at a time depending on when I bred my bunnies.

May 14, 9:05PM EDT0
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