Hi, my name is Mikhail, I am a registered Nurse and I find pet keeping as a way to prevent a job burnout. One of the pets i used to keep and breed are the Siamese Fighting fish. They are beautiful fresh water fish. Ask Me Anything.

Mikhail Florenz
Jun 6, 2017

Burnout for Nurses is common, and I found that having a hobby helps prevent this. I used to keep pets as a hobby, and one of the pets i kept (and bred) is the Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta Splendens. Let's learn more about this fantastic freshwater fish. 

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What are the biggest reasons for burn out among nurses?

Jun 6, 4:06AM EDT0

Hello Alexander,

I think some reasons are being overwoked or having and extended number of hours. Also having low salary. Witnessing the drama that comes along with someone who passes away or even just being diagnosed with a terminal illness is also a cause for burn-out IMO.

Jun 6, 9:09AM EDT0
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How do you dispose of a pet fish when it dies?

Jun 6, 1:08AM EDT0

Hello Barbara,

I usually just burry them, or feed them to my meat eating fish. :-)

Jun 6, 9:06AM EDT0
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How much did you spend on your fish pets?

Jun 5, 11:44PM EDT0

Hi Michelle,

I can't really answer your question. I've lost track. but I'm sure it was a lot. :-)

Jun 6, 9:05AM EDT0

How do nursing skills fit with pet ownership?

Jun 5, 6:06PM EDT0

Hi Kingpaula,

In nursing, caring and being responsible is some of the major skill you need (IMO), and that goes with peet keeping.

Jun 6, 9:02AM EDT0
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Do you think fish have unique personalities?

Jun 5, 5:42PM EDT0

Hi Karen,

Yes, I do, I had some that were very docile, and some that were very agressive, even at the sight of my fingers on their tanks. Siamese fighting fish have very nice personalities. :-)

Jun 6, 9:00AM EDT0
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How does someone know they or their child is responsible enough for a pet?

Jun 5, 1:16PM EDT0

Hi Timothy,

First thing is you teach them how to be responsible enough, you let them know how to take care of a pet, how to feed it. etc. then you observe them if they are able to follow what you taught them. this is just my own opinion by the way. (still currently single **sad face**)

Jun 5, 1:37PM EDT0

Why did you choose nursing for a career?

Jun 5, 12:07PM EDT0

Hi Erica,

I did not choose nursing for a career. My family chose it for me, because at the time I was about to go to college, the demand for Nurses was real high abroad, So i decided to take it up. I eventually learned to love the job and be passionate about it.

Jun 5, 1:00PM EDT0

What's the silliest name you've ever given a pet?

Jun 5, 7:57AM EDT0

Hi Riley,

I named my Pitbull "Muning", and where I'm from, muning is a name associated with cats. does that count as silly? (LOL)

Jun 5, 11:33AM EDT0
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Have you ever adopted a rescue pet?

Jun 5, 3:36AM EDT0

Hi Tammy,

I rescued a Siamese fighting fish from a pet store once, I visited a mall in a nearby city and I looked around and found this guy kept in a small cup with very little water, I didn't have any plans to buy a fish that day because i was on an "official buisness, but eventually I just had to get that betta/SFF out of there. here is a pic of him 2 weeks after i bought him. i dont have a picture of him in the cup though.

Jun 5, 1:16PM EDT0
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Why did you choose fish for a pet?

Jun 5, 3:09AM EDT0

Hi Nathan,

I guess the reason is that taking care of fish is really easy, and since i was youg, i was just fascinated with fishes. there's something about the way the swim and move in the water that calms me.

Jun 5, 1:01PM EDT0

Did you ever have a pet you couldn't get along with?

Jun 5, 1:47AM EDT0

Hi Jsmith,

Luckily, with all my years of keeping pets, I haven't. but my X and my pitbull didn't get along well before. hahaha. JK.

Jun 5, 1:10PM EDT0

What was your very first pet, and how long did you have it?

Jun 4, 6:59PM EDT0

Hi Cookeeric,

The first pet i had was a goldfish and Koi, I think I was in 6th grade. I kept them for two years, I think I could have kept them longer, if not for that fateful day that we had a power outage for a whole day on where I live and they just can't handle their water having no aeration. and during that time there were very few fish stores here that had the proper accesories so I didn't have money for a battery operated aerator. makes me kinda' sad now that i think about it. :-(

Jun 5, 1:05PM EDT0

How long can a Siamese fighting fish live?

Jun 4, 6:11PM EDT0

Hi Samantha,

If you take really good Care of em' and give them the proper requirements, they can live up to 5 years. :-)

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Jun 5, 12:58PM EDT0

How do you juggle pet-ownership with the demands of nursing?

Jun 4, 5:51PM EDT0

Hi Laura,

Hmmmm.... I haven't really quite thought about it till now. back when I was working at the hospital, we had 8 hour and 12 hour shift, and I get a some time in the mornings and evening/afternoon pre or post shift, thats where I feed them, give them water. and on my day off, i spend cleaning tanks --doing water change, bathing my dogs. and I don't need to walk my dog because i just let her run around our lawn, and so on. I also keep a track of my pet food on a daily basis so I don't run out, and I keep them well stocked when i purchase em' on my day off. :-)

Last edited @ Jun 5, 1:48PM EDT.
Jun 5, 1:48PM EDT0

How do you choose the right size aquarium for your fish?

Jun 4, 4:16PM EDT0

Hi Olsonnicholas,

There are a few things to consider when buying the right sized aquarium. 

1. Adult Size of the fish: It is important to take note of how big your fish will be when it grows up. even a small fry can grow to be a big big fish, so do your research first.

2. Fish behavior: If the fish you want to keep are territorial, and you intend to keep one ore more of them, then a bigger tank is recommended.

3.Tank Mates: This can relate to number 2, if you want to keep a terrotorial fish with other fishes, then you will also need a bigger tank, where you call also put a lot of decorations and hiding places for other small fishes. Territorial fishes can live in harmony with other fishes as long as given the right parameters (hiding places and tank size)

Jun 5, 1:23PM EDT0
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How long do you typically mourn a pet that passes away?

Jun 4, 3:44PM EDT0

Hi Ejohnson,

I guess it depends on the pet. For fishes about 3 days, and for mammals it takes more time, like maybe 2 weeks. I really can't keep track. I guess it depends on the bond you make with that pet. :-)

Jun 5, 1:27PM EDT0

How much have you spent on pets in your lifetime?

Jun 4, 12:36PM EDT0

Hi Dan,

I think I lost count. I' so sorry. LOL.

Jun 5, 1:28PM EDT0

How does keeping pets prevent job burn-out?

Jun 4, 12:20PM EDT0

Hi steven78,

Personally, Keeping pets relaxes me. Playing with them on my day off (my dogs) makes me happy and watching my fishes swim relaxes my mind and lets me forget the stresses of work, its kind of an outlet, and when you talk to them they don't complain. hahaha. but it's different for every individual, there are other activities that can perevent a job burn-out besides keeping pets. :-)

Jun 5, 1:34PM EDT0

Do you have any hobbies besides keeping pets?

Jun 4, 12:15PM EDT0

Hi William18,

Yup I do, I play the guitar, I loe to read books, I write stuff (sort of --LOL) and I like to travel. (specially to beahes)

Jun 5, 1:30PM EDT0

What are the names and breeds of your current pets?

Jun 4, 11:52AM EDT0

Hello Jermaine,

I have a shih tzu named summer, and a couple of guppies that i keep in a pond, i don't name them though. I'd need lots and lots of name if I did. --LOL

Jun 5, 12:56PM EDT0