Hello Everyone! I am a Piscean and a huge Fish lover. I love to come back home from work and watch my 6 colorful gold fishes swim around the Fish tank, feed them, its such a stress buster! Ask Me Anything! #AMA

Jun 18, 2017

I am a Piscean and a huge Fish lover. I love to come back home from work and watch my 6 colorful gold fishes swim around the Fish tank, feed them, its such a stress buster!


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Is there a special diet that makes goldfish more colorful?

Jun 18, 12:30PM EDT0

usually peas are very good for them

Jun 18, 1:22PM EDT0

What is the longest a pet goldfish can live?

Jun 17, 10:55PM EDT0

Usually they live 4-5 years but definitely it takes a lot of care and maintenance

Jun 18, 9:51AM EDT0

Do you breed your goldfish, and why or why not?

Jun 17, 6:38AM EDT0

No I do not breed them, I usually buy them, it would be heartbreaking to not be able to breed them well and it usually takes a lot of time, so I prefer not to take the big responsibility

Jun 18, 9:53AM EDT0

How can you tell if your pet fish are feeling sick?

Jun 17, 4:47AM EDT0

Their movement usually slows down, there is a thing called dropsy which the fishes usually suffer, they need to be separated and treated with Epsom salt to help them recover

Jun 18, 9:55AM EDT0

Do you have any other pets besides fish?

Jun 16, 10:47AM EDT0

Not yet but I plan to get myself a couple of love birds

Jun 18, 9:56AM EDT0

How difficult is keeping a saltwater aquarium compared to freshwater?

Jun 15, 5:11PM EDT0

I think it's the maintenance that is the difficult part

Jun 18, 9:57AM EDT0

How do you treat common health issues of goldfish?

Jun 15, 4:56PM EDT0

Usually if my fishes suffer from dropsy or itch I wud separate them and treat with Epsom salt baths and feed them peas. Also I treat the fish tank with anti bacterial solution once a week and another anti itch solution once a week

Jun 18, 9:59AM EDT0

Have you named each of your pet fish, and why or why not?

Jun 15, 1:44PM EDT0

Hahahah not the present ones I have, but the last ones I hd were named Lolo, Popo, Bebo, saifu :)

Jun 18, 10:00AM EDT0

What astrological sign makes the best love match for a Pisces?

Jun 15, 8:04AM EDT0

Ah gud question, usually cancer, Scorpio and virgo they say, but I personally don't agree since my previous 2 boyfriends were cancer and ofcuz it didn't work out, we were very different. My boyfriend now is Aquarius and we are totally hooked and rocking it for the last 6 yrs :) 

Jun 18, 10:02AM EDT0

What are some tips for breeding aquarium fish successfully?

Jun 15, 1:09AM EDT0

first, it requires ample time and maintenance

Second, change or partially change water atleast once a week

Third, use various types of food for fishes, peas are really good for them

and also use good antibacterial medicines for water hygiene and also provide epsom salt baths once a week

Jun 18, 12:45PM EDT0

What is the maximum size goldfish can attain?

Jun 14, 11:57PM EDT0

ideally they shud lasy 3-4 years

Jun 18, 12:45PM EDT0

What is your best source of information on raising fish?

Jun 14, 11:46PM EDT0

i usually google or youtube for advice on fishes, very helpful

Jun 18, 12:46PM EDT0

How much did you spend on your whole aquarium setup?

Jun 14, 6:36PM EDT0

i would not say too much, around 1500 INR

Jun 18, 12:46PM EDT0

How interested are you in the subject of astrology?

Jun 14, 1:25PM EDT0

i do not take astrology seriously, but i like to follow for fun

Jun 18, 12:47PM EDT0

How do you choose the right size aquarium?

Jun 14, 11:12AM EDT0

since i have a small house, i actully have a small aquarium


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Jun 18, 12:47PM EDT0

What do goldfish traditionally symbolize, and what do they mean to you?

Jun 14, 2:43AM EDT0

i am a natural fish lover, i jus love how different and beautiful this creation of god it

Jun 18, 12:49PM EDT0

What are some common health issues goldfish suffer?

Jun 13, 10:43PM EDT0

dropsy, constipation, itch are the most common but curable and can be avoided with proper care

Jun 18, 12:50PM EDT0

What kind of food do you feed your pet fish?

Jun 13, 10:25PM EDT0

i usually feed them fish food and peas

Jun 18, 12:50PM EDT0

What are some other fish that can co-exist with goldfish?

Jun 13, 5:53PM EDT0

i think it usually is a good idea to keep other fishes from the gold fish family together to maintain harmony

Jun 18, 12:51PM EDT0

How do you dispose of a pet fish that dies?

Jun 13, 3:53PM EDT0

awwww such a sad question. I bury the poor souls 

Jun 18, 12:52PM EDT0