For the last 3 years, my wife and I have shared our passion for taking in rescue/shelter/senior cats and giving them a fresh start at life. Our furry friends are our life, and we would love to share our experiences with you. Ask Me Anything.

Jun 16, 2017


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Are there any people in your life who have been influential regarding your decision to shelter cats?

Jun 15, 10:16AM EDT0

Mostly my wife. I've always loved animals but she is responsible for really igniting my passion.

Jun 15, 6:12PM EDT0

Have you had any issues with your landlord and your cats?

Jun 15, 8:03AM EDT0

Not really. The only issue we've run into was when we didn't realize how bad one of our cat's seperation anxiety is. We acidentally locked him out of our bedroom one night and he responded by pulling up the carpet around the bedroom door with his teeth.

Jun 15, 6:13PM EDT0

Are there any other animals living in your home besides cats?

Jun 14, 11:16PM EDT0

Nope, just the cats.

Jun 15, 12:54AM EDT0

Do you have any funny stories involving your cats or cat rescues?

Jun 14, 6:39PM EDT0

Our youngest, Milo, is probably the biggest troublemaker (he's the reason glass objects aren't kept more than 6 inches off the ground). He has taken to wearing clothes (dog sweaters, Build-A-Bear clothes, etc.) He is very attached to his shirts and will get upset if one of them is not put in it's special drawer in our dresser. He also managed to destroy a 20lb bag of potting soil and scatter it all over our last apartment.

Jun 15, 1:09AM EDT0

What kinds of cats are the ones in your home right now?

Jun 14, 3:54PM EDT0

Milo (age 2) Luna and Miyka (age 3, Miyka being Milo's mother), and Max (age 11). All four are domestic short hairs, Miyka and Milo are both tuxedos, Luna is a purebred Lynx Point Syamese, and Max is a grey/brown tiger stripe. People are always surprised that Luna, a cat who, by all rights should have been sold to an expensive breeder, is a rescue. She was the runt of the litter and appears to have the feline equivalent of what might be called a "develpmental disability" in humans. I don't say that to make light of disabilities, we got this diagnosis from a veterinarian.

Jun 15, 12:53AM EDT0

What do you feel needs to be changed most about the current management of stray cats in cities?

Jun 14, 1:19PM EDT0

Organizations who do trap, neuter, return are fantastic. In fact, our apartment complex is also a feral cat sanctuary. My wife and I are also both strongly against kill shelters; if more people would adopt, or even just foster, rescue cats, we wouldn't have these horrible kill "shelters" anymore.

Jun 15, 12:47AM EDT0

What would you say to somebody considering adopting a cat?

Jun 14, 9:36AM EDT0

Make sure you know it's a life time committment. There has been at least one occasion where I've had to go a couple of grand in the hole in one night for life-saving, emergency vet care. If you aren't ready to treat a cat like a human family member, you aren't ready for a cat.

Jun 15, 12:44AM EDT0

Are there any people in your neighborhood that rescue cats as well?

Jun 14, 9:20AM EDT0

Not that we know of. We're new to town and don't know our neighbors yet. Though our apartment complex is also a feral cat sanctuary.

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Jun 15, 12:41AM EDT0

Do you ever rescue any dogs, do you feel that would work with cat rescuing?

Jun 14, 6:59AM EDT0

We don't right now, but not because we think they wouldn't get along. It would be a slow process, a lot like introducing two cats to each other.

Jun 15, 12:38AM EDT0

Have you ever considered opening your home to other animals?

Jun 14, 3:39AM EDT0

We would love to get a dog, but we've got our hands full with the four cats that we have. I want a tarantula, but my wife says no.

Jun 15, 12:37AM EDT0

Have you ever encountered any terrible cases of neglect or worse while rescuing cats?

Jun 13, 5:29PM EDT0

Unfortunatly, yes. Marley had been badly abused by someone for a good deal of his life. This had serious effects on his physical health and, for the rest of his life, he would flinch when anyone, even someone he trusted, would go to pet him. Miyka had been dumped on the side of the road after her owners found out she was pregnant. She's missing a piece of her ear, but given how good she is with people, even strangers, we think that injury was from a wild animal, and not a human.

Jun 15, 12:36AM EDT0

Are your friends supportive of your cat rescuing?

Jun 13, 1:49AM EDT0

Absolutely, they get all of the benefits of owning cats without having to scoop our litterboxes.

Jun 15, 12:30AM EDT0

What do your neighbors think of your cat sheltering, do they mind?

Jun 13, 12:20AM EDT0

Our cats are pretty quiet, the neighbors don't mind.

Jun 15, 12:29AM EDT0

How many cats in the past three years have you rescued and found homes for?

Jun 12, 11:39PM EDT0

5. Milo (age 2) Luna Grayce and Miyka (age 3, Miyka being Milo's mother), and Max (age 11). Marley is no longer with us, and we also fostered a couple of friends' cats for a few months.

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Jun 15, 12:28AM EDT0

What are the names of the cats in your home right now?

Jun 12, 8:43PM EDT0

4. Milo (age 2) Luna Grayce and Miyka (age 3, Miyka being Milo's mother), and Max (age 11).

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Jun 15, 12:26AM EDT0

How many litter boxes do you keep in your house?

Jun 12, 8:04PM EDT0

Two for four cats.

Jun 15, 12:26AM EDT0

Did you have any cats as a child or growing up?

Jun 12, 7:04PM EDT0

My parents got my brother and I each a barn cat the summer before I started high school. They are sisters, a domestic long hair tuxedo named Kitty Kong (my brother's cat) and a domestic short hair tortoise shell named Ellie (mine). When I moved out to be with my wife, I chose to leave Ellie behind, it was hard, but I decided it would just be too cruel to seperate her from her sister - they are very close.

Jun 15, 12:26AM EDT0

Do you have any friends who also do the same thing, rescuing cats?

Jun 12, 6:50PM EDT0

We're new to our current city, so we don't have a lot of friends yet.

Jun 15, 12:25AM EDT0

What do you recommend as far as interviewing prospective cat adopters?

Jun 12, 6:14PM EDT0

That's a good question, it can be really hard to tell if a family is a good fit for the cat you're adopting out. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to be very thorough in making sure the adopters are interested. Rehoming fees are always a good idea, and it also helps to create a dialogue with adopters; for example, my wife and I spoke to the owner of a cat we adopted for over a month before we adopted Max. Also, ask them what they think taking care of a cat entails.

Jun 15, 12:25AM EDT0

What are some of your most memorable cases of cat rescues or adoptions?

Jun 12, 2:01PM EDT0

I think Max might be our most memorable adoption story. We weren't planning on adopting, but a cat group we're part of on Facebook posted his story. His mom had just been diagnosed with MS and was no longer able to care for him. She didn't want him to go to a shelter, because all of the shelters near her were kill shelters and Max was 10 at the time (senior cats aren't very popular at shelters). That plus his severe seperation anxiety, and he was not a good candidate for adoption through the Humane Society. No one else was stepping up, so we made the two hour drive to his mom's place and brought him home with us. He now loves us very much and is quite happy in his new home (he's been with us for a little over a year, now).

Jun 15, 12:16AM EDT0