Dog Toilets - The Professional Method (AMA)

Nov 30, 2017


Kickstarter Campaign: bit.ly/woofloo

Having a dog at home or being a dog professional is fun but nobody like to deal with the dog's pee and poo. Yes, you should walk your dog as often as possible. But for those times where you can't walk the dog, you need a solution at home. The usual plastic products you can buy in your pet shop or on Amazon are not a solution. 

Let us teach you how to solve the pee & poo problems without you having to do daily cleaning.

Update (Dec 5, 2:11AM EST):

woofloo says:

You can now buy Woofloo here with FREE shippnig to US and SE Asia:


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Has the product being a success so far?

Dec 6, 7:01PM EST0

Yes, we are receiving oders from around the world.

Dec 6, 8:46PM EST0

How many dogs do you have?

Dec 2, 9:40PM EST0

Currently I only have 1 :-(

Dec 5, 2:12AM EST0

How did you get the idea?

Dec 1, 12:32PM EST0

My family moved to a new place and there everything was tiled, no more grass patch for my dog. So i looked on Amazon and everywhere but only found short-term plastic products. Luckily, i was working at a factory which makes metal/aluminium products, so they helped me build my first prototypes for testing. Until 18 months later we had a final product.

Dec 5, 2:14AM EST0

Where can we buy your product?

Dec 1, 3:38AM EST0
Dec 5, 2:14AM EST0

Have you drafted blueprints for your next product?

Dec 1, 1:04AM EST0

Yes but too early to share... :-)

Dec 5, 2:15AM EST0

Can you see your dog happy while you are using your product?

Dec 1, 12:44AM EST0

I think my dog is always happy. But yes, she doesn't need to worry about me not being there when she has to pee. During the day, even when I am home, I see her running to Woofloo to relieve herself. And she always goes SUPER crazy after a poop... not sure why.

Dec 5, 2:16AM EST0

Have you formulated the big plan in marketing your product?

Dec 1, 12:34AM EST0

Of course. It's all about having a marketing strategy. Even though this plan may change over time but you need to have a plan.

Dec 5, 2:17AM EST0

Do you have plans to adopt more dogs now that it's more convenient to take care of their waste materials?

Nov 30, 8:37PM EST0

Waste materials? You mean the dogs pee and poop? I'm thinking of letting my boxer have puppies. She deserved to be a mum. Looking for a male boxer that suits her.

Nov 30, 10:11PM EST0

Have you also considered taking care of other animals such as the exotic ones?

Nov 30, 8:34PM EST0


Nov 30, 10:12PM EST0

Before you coined this idea, how do you pee and poo your dog when it's wet or snowy outside?

Nov 30, 8:33PM EST0

Before we moved places, we had a little garden where the dog could go. But that wasn't great either because whenever I wanted to enjoy the garden, it smelled of pee... which is terrrrrible!

Nov 30, 10:13PM EST0

How satisfying is it to care for dogs and cat as pets?

Nov 30, 7:34PM EST0

I guess you don't really know and appreciate it but good question. Because it makes you think and THEN realize it is very satisfying. Deep down you feel better because someone needs you, I guess. Same as when you help a friend.

Nov 30, 10:14PM EST0

Where do you source your product from?

Nov 30, 7:02PM EST0

I have found a contract manufacturer in Malaysia where I currently live. Some electronic components are coming from China. 

Nov 30, 10:09PM EST0

How long have you been taking care of dogs since the first one?

Nov 30, 5:08PM EST0

I had dogs around me since I was a baby. I'm not sure when I started taking care of them but I cared and loved dogs since always. It was normal to have a dog around. Of course I have my own family and my daughter grew up with a boxer around sniffing her since she was a baby.

Nov 30, 10:08PM EST0

Can we see your products here by posting some pictures or adding links to your website?

Nov 30, 11:28AM EST0

How long have you been taking care of this pug in the picture?

Nov 29, 9:19AM EST0

Sonia, that is a boxer. For a 8 years now.

Nov 29, 9:34AM EST0

Yes, all product pictures and details are on kickstarter campaign page here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/ruppert/woofloo-a-self-flushing-dog-toilet-made-of-alumini

Nov 30, 10:06PM EST0

How many dogs do you have currently?

Nov 28, 2:45AM EST0

At the moment, I have only 1 boxer lady but trying to find a mating partner. This world needs more boxers!

Nov 28, 4:41AM EST0

What is so challenging about startup companies?

Nov 28, 2:17AM EST0

If you do something with passion, then you don't see real challenges but more opportunities. If something is difficult, it means that other probably failed at that or gave up. Easy things are ubiquitous.

But I know what you mean. It's marketing. Everybody wants to offer their service but almost everybody is not genuine or just wants a quick buck. Be patient and careful to build you vendor network. Don't let your own excitement overrule reasoning.

Nov 28, 4:40AM EST0

What was that particular moment which pushed you to develop this kind of concept for your product?

Nov 28, 12:24AM EST0

We moved to a new place where the entire garden area was tiled and no green for my dog to do its business. So I was looking for a green, long-lasting dog toilet but failed to find a proper solution.

Nov 28, 4:36AM EST0
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